Come to Barós and discover the land of fables. Mystic Pyrenees. Telluric energy sculpted by water and Time. An ancestral balcony, where the traveller is surprised by its contrasts and powerful landscapes. Picturesque towns safeguard the mountain's secrets. Vast prairies yearn for an eternal spring. Winding paths of crystalline water overflow the land with life. And millennial forests. And the snowy peaks, with ice as the only limit. From Barosse, discover our great natural treasure. Here you will feel like your soul blends together in harmony with the scenery.
La Jacetania is a district which natural boundaries coincide with the old Kingdom of Aragon. The environmental riches of these landscapes include Natural Parks where you can participate in adventure tourism, trekking in pairs or MB trails, among others.

Historical events have provided this land with a rich heritage and gastronomy based on local products of a very high quality.
Stimulate your senses at La Jacetania.


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