Date : 2031 January 31st

Exuberant Pyrenees in its purest form.

Another important aspect we are proud of is being able to share with visitors, the natural riches of our land.

Our district of La Jacetania is located in the north-western section of Aragón; to the north it borders with France, to the north-east with the Autonomous Community of Navarra, to the south with the districts of Cinco Villas and Hoya de Huesca and the district of Alto Gallego further to the west. Also, the territory of La Jacetania is clearly connected by the Aragon River and its numerous tributaries.

A territory with large differences in altitude between the lowest height (520 metres) and the 2886 metres of Pico Collarada in Villanua, which has allowed configuring different types of terrain ranging from deep escarpments and steep slopes to small hillsides and vast level foothill plains, glacial formations such as cirques and lakes as well as a unique variety of flora and fauna.

The Natural Park of the Western Valleys with its 27,000 hectares is one of the best preserved ecosystems in the territory.

Also worth mentioning is the Protected Landscape of San Juan de la Peña and Monte Oroel with its more than 9,514 ha. A dense and varied forest vegetation, of which a well preserved wild pine tree forest is worth mentioning. Its large rocky escarpments favour the nesting of an important number of birds of prey.

We can find different habitats such as beech tree forests, black pine forests, common pine, fir, large pastures and high mountain areas, where endemic plants and flowers comprise a unique scenery. In terms of fauna, brown bears, chamois, deer, wild boar and foxes, among many others, coexist in harmony with many birds that have chosen this area to nest or stop and stay on their way south. Birding tourism in our territory is worth mentioning since this is the migratory stop area of many species, making it enormously appealing for those who love bird watching. Bearded vulture, griffon vulture, white-backed woodpecker, goshawk, ptarmigan, crane, swift, Egyptian vulture and up to 200 species of birds to the delight of the most knowledgeable watcher.

A visit must be made to the National Park of Erdesa and Monte Perdido in the district of Sobrarbe, which is the second oldest national park in Spain and one of the prides of Aragon.

And a recommendation for the most environmentalists, travel the itinerary through the forest of Gamueta in the Valley of Anso, a beautiful beech fir forest considered by many experts as the best mountain forest in the Aragonese Pyrenees and the largest group of monumental trees in the region.

An endless number of trails that run through our mountains. A lot to be discovered. Many corners to enjoy. Lose yourself between the scenery our area has to offer.

Places where to enjoy nature in la Jacetania:
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