Date : 2031 January 30th

Cultural treasures that will fascinate you

The Aragonese Pyrenees and in particular, the District of La Jacetania, for its strategic and ideal location, have historically been territories where its people are very passionate about beauty, culture and the Arts in all their manifestations. Routes like the Camino de Santiago or the historic GR1 paths are millennial transit roads that have been used since ancient times by a multitude of people from different areas, who speak different languages and with different cultures, and who left a profound impression on this land that can still be felt today. Throughout history, this cultural melting pot has configured a territory of restless, curious and very active people.

Jaca, its surroundings and the adjacent valleys provide a wide and varied cultural offer of classic activities as well as more modern ones adapted to all ages and preferences.

Some noteworthy examples are listed below:


This festival began 25 years ago for the purpose of revitalising and dignifying the Jacobea Route in Aragón through different cultural manifestations. This event has consolidated itself as a cultural and musical phenomenon of recognised prestige, offering a repertoire ranging from the Middle Ages to the Baroque period and is also identified with the artistic features of these periods. The locations where the concerts are held have followed a similar path, from the Romanesque of the Cathedral of San Pedro in Jaca and the church of Santa Maria de Santa Cruz de la Serós, to the Gothic and Baroque of the parochial of Berdún or the church of Carmen de Jaca.

This Festival, which is held during the month of August, also holds theatre shows on the street as well as other events such as a medieval market of the three cultures.


As spring arrives, Jaca celebrates the First Friday of May as one of its most popular fiestas. This celebration commemorates the victory of the armies of Conde Aznar over the invader.

Hundreds of citizens dress in medieval clothing to participate in a massive parade through the streets of Jaca. This is a fiesta that mixes real events with legend.


Festival of national tourism importance. The festival of a lifetime with all the power and prestige accumulated throughout more than half a century.

The oldest event in Spain and one of the most recognised in the world reinvents itself each year to surprise without relinquishing its philosophy, which is to captivate as it has continuously been doing since 1963.

A universal showcase where different cultures of the world converge.


26 years ago, the South Pyrenees Festival was first held between the wonderful town of Sallent de Gállego and the natural scenery of Lanuza. This is a large cultural gathering that is normally held in the month of July and brings artists together from different continents and artistic styles. A unique and consolidated festival that receives thousands of visitors each year. For over four centuries, South Pyrenees has not changed their philosophy and their musical journey has travelled through all 5 continents, bringing together music, culture and art around the world.

We should not fail to mention the impressive Romanesque heritage that Aragón, Jaca and the entire Aragonese Pyrenees have made available to the rest of the world. The greatest Romanesque heritage of the Iberian Peninsula is proudly displayed in the churches and chapels that are scattered throughout our territory and in the fantastic Diocesan Museum of Jaca, unique in this artistic style and which will not leave the most curious and expert traveller indifferent.

More information is provided in the "Romanesque and Camino de Santiago" section.

We recommend experiencing the following cultural activities:

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