Date : 2031 January 31st

Perfect fusion between traditional and new cuisine

Nature has been generous with our land. Our land is alive, fertile and gives us fruits like a devoted mother that wants the best for her children. Vast prairies of green pasture where magnificent local livestock feed and live unhurriedly, without the urgencies found in urban settings. Pure and crystalline waters flowing from the mountains which, as arteries do for life, feed our fields and crops, where cereals and legumes, fruits and vegetables grow perfectly cradled by the Pyrenean air; the breath of the mountains caressing everything in its path.

As a sincere tribute to this natural treasure, Jaca and its surroundings are firmly committed to offering a traditional cuisine based on local and quality products, creatively adapting them to modern times and tastes. Therefore, forgotten crops and products that were no longer being used have taken hold again, and thanks to the effort and persistence displayed by local farmers, nowadays we can enjoy these products at our tables, more frequently and successfully each time, as is the case of black truffles from the Channel of Berdún or the boliches de Embún.

Traditional and delicious dishes such as the "Olla Jacetania" have strongly resurfaced at our restaurants. The ingredients of this symbol of the local cuisine are boliches, pork ribs and vegetables and are available at over 40 establishments in the area.

Other magnificent products worth mentioning in our traditional cuisine are Xortical cheese, made in Villanúa, the award-winning Flor de Aspe cheese, organic eggs from Ulle, delicious cold cut meats from Berdún: chorizos, sausages, tortetas, black pudding, etc. We should not forget the wide range of mushrooms and fungi (boletus, morel, morchella, etc). Also worth mentioning is our meat, which is tender and delicious as a result of the care with which livestock is raised, especially the suckling lamb (ternasco de Aragón) and beef.

We invite you to venture into our gastronomic universe and immerse yourself in the typical flavours by visiting the many restaurants and Tapa bars that are located in the area. Their nuances and our creativity will ensure you have a unique culinary experience. And if it is in good company, then everything will taste that much better.

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