Date : 2031 January 31st

La Jacetania is a natural district connected by the Aragon river and its tributaries, which boundaries coincide with the old Kingdom of Aragon. To the north it borders with France, to the west with Navarra, to the east with the district of Alto Gallego and to the south with the districts of Cinco Villas and Hoya de Huesca.

Because of its geographic location, it is affected by different types of climate: the predominant climate is oceanic but high mountain and Mediterranean climates are also present. This diverse climate produces a great biodiversity, making this land rich in natural resources.

The riches of this land are very diverse, which allows participating in many different activities.

Travel through a monumental culture covering all the historic eras, from the neolithic to modernism, especially rich Romanesque heritage, without downplaying the rest of artistic manifestations that are present: Gothic, Baroque, etc.

You can complete this route with the Camino de Santiago, starting at hospital de Santa Cristina del Somport, Canfranc and continuing with the Cathedral of Jaca, Monastery of San Juan de la Peña, etc., discovering one of the most transited sections of the Jacobea route.

Other activities that can be enjoyed are those related with snow sports at the stations of Candanchú, Astún Formigal and Panticosa; Nordic areas where you can also practice other modalities (cross-country skiing, snow racket hiking…). Also, the natural wealth of the area has created trails and paths through forests and mountains and MB trails to travel the landscape on two wheels. For those of you who are adventurous, we have the longest dual zip-line in Europe at Hoz de Jaca and the aerodrome of Santa Cilia organises aerial excursions through the Pyrenees in gliders as well as tourist flights in small aircraft.

In terms of gastronomy, the use of local products, which have been recovered in recent years is worth mentioning such as the harvesting of boliches de Embún (a legume that only grows in this area), black truffles and mushrooms and fungi from its forest.

A land rich in nuances that you can't miss out on.

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