General Services
  • Only for adults
  • Free WiFi
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Restaurant (dinners)
  • Picnic services
  • Honesty bar
  • Tee & caffe free zone
  • Living room / library with chimney
  • Spa & sauna (private use)
  • Spa garden (private use) *
  • Laundry service
  • Garden
  • Electrical cars & Tesla charging station
  • Delicate care… massages and treatments
  • Mini Boutique
  • Pets **


* From May to October.
** Only for La Ermita room -consult restrictions-.

  • Tourist info.
  • Organising of routes.
  • Restaurant reservations.




Types of stays
What type of stay are you in the mood for
EAt Barosse, our priority is to take care of you down to the smallest detail; this is why we have implemented different approaches for each type of stay. Romantic Stays, relax stays and from Barosse to heaven.
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